Saturday, 31 March 2007

Manmukh v Gurmukh

A Manmukh only remembers God in difficult times

A Gurmukh meditates on the Lord at all times.

A Manmukh will question God and his existence in difficult times

A Gurmukh finds everything (good or bad) the Lord does as sweet.

A Manmukh thinks of himself and his family.

A Gurmukh asks for Sarbat da bhalla.

A Manmukh pursues material goods

A Gurmukh’s only wish is to be blessed with darshan.

A Manmukh is being controlled by his mind and cannot control the five thieves.

A Gurmukh, has tamed the wild horse that is the mind.

A Manmukh discriminates against people based upon colour, caste , creed, etc..

A Gurmukh sees God in everyone, and all mankind as one.

A manmukh gets temporarily high from man made intoxicants

A Gurmukh is permanently intoxicated by Naam.

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