Sunday, 11 March 2007

Channel Punjab - Jithe Mera Satguru

I've been a regular viewer of this particular programme on Channel Punjab. I'm always wanting to know more about the historical Gurudware in India. The programme is presented in Panjabi, and in a nutshell shows the historical Gurudware of Punjab, and also explains the history behind each of these. I couldn't help thinking that if it were presented in English, how many more youth it would attract.

Then i cast my mind back to a programme a few years back on the BBC - "in the footsteps of Alexander the Great", and thought how great it would be to produce something like this on fore Example Guru Nanak Dev Ji, or Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The Alexander programme was really interesting as the presenter took the exact route that Alexander took during his reign. Just imagine trying to re create this for our Gurus and where they travelled. Obviously it would require immense funding, and great amounts of research and co operation with other countries (look how many countries Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited). The awarenes that this would raise if done on a proper scale would be immense.

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