Saturday, 24 March 2007

Helping a stranger

The other day whilst walking to my car from work, a desi stopped me and asked if a spoke panjabi, i laughed and said "of course". He then wanted to know where the nearest Gurudwara was. I initially just thought he was from outside and merely wanted directions. I asked him which Gurudwara, as Bradford has 6 of them. He said that any of them, as he was in difficulty and needed to go to the Gurudwara. Naturally i asked him the cause of his distress. He then told me that he was an illegal, and had travelled from Bristol, after someone had promised him a job in Bradford, however when he tried contacting them, they had their phone switched off. He wanted to go back to Bristol after he spoke to his "agent", as he had organised a job for him over there now. In order to do this he needed money for his ticket back, which is why he wanted to go to the Gurudwara. I had enough money for his ticket and some extra for him to get something to eat, so i handed him over the money. At this point he was in tears and could not thank me enough. I told him not to worry about it, and that i was simply helping someone in need.

I do sometimes wonder why young lads from Panjab are always wanting to run over to the west. They really think its easy to make money over here. They aren't really used to heavy manual work back home, but yet they'll have to do that once they come over here.


Sony said...

Sometimes we are too preoccupied with our own lives to help someone in need.

If we see someone who looks like they need help, we cross the road to get out of their way, so they don't bother us.

Every time we see someone in need of help it could be a test from God.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Mr. Singh said...
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Mr. Singh said...

You're right.

Another angle to look at is, if this chap had been from another community (other than punjabi/sikh) to what extent would i have helped him? I think we are all prejudists to a certain extent, with the exceptions of those that have been blessed and see everyone as equal, or see God in everyone. Take Bhai Kanhaiya for example.

I'll be the first to admit that i would have been reluctant to be so helpful had this chap not been a panjabi/sikh. I often pass beggars o big issue sellers without even bothering to look in thei direction.

Conqueror of the world said...

Nandeep, I had a similar incident like this at work, although this was a standard middle class white male. I must say I did have your story in my mind. But he was homeless and had no money, we tried a few places with no joy. So I thought Im going to have to pay for this fella in a b & b or hotel. I phoned a hotel which turned out to be too expensive for what I could afford, so I told the man I will give him £30 and we will look for a standard B&B in the area which will put him up for the night and then he could find a hostel the next day. As soon as I mentioned I would give him £30 he came up with another address on the same road that we had already been trying on. This person kepth him for the night. I thought it was strange, how the man couldnt think of anywhere else to go and as soon as I told him I would give him money to find a b&b he found a place to stay?! Must have been a test hey?

Sony said...

Mr Singh, Some people don't help anybody, be they black white or brown. So want you did was a good thing.

Conqueror, you helped someone who needed help, what ever the situation was they are sure to remember that someone helped them.