Sunday, 1 July 2007

Whatever work you wish to accomplish-tell it to the Lord.


Its been some time since my last post. Theres been a lot going on at the Gurudwara in Bradford. A library, and a Sikh Camp for the kids over the past few weeks. I'll post a few pics when i get a chance of the above events, both were huge successes with the kirpa of Waheguru.

Came across the following Kirtan clip by Acapella Jatha on YouTube, and can't stop listening to the soothing words.

The Shabad is as follows:

pourree ||
keethaa lorreeai ka(n)m s har pehi aakheeai ||
Whatever work you wish to accomplish-tell it to the Lord.

kaaraj dhaee savaar sathigur sach saakheeai ||
He will resolve your affairs; the True Guru gives His Guarantee of Truth.

sa(n)thaa sa(n)g nidhhaan a(n)mrith chaakheeai ||
In the Society of the Saints, you shall taste the treasure of the Ambrosial Nectar.

bhai bha(n)jan miharavaan dhaas kee raakheeai ||
The Lord is the Merciful Destroyer of fear; He preserves and protects His slaves.

naanak har gun gaae alakh prabh laakheeai ||20||
O Nanak, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, and see the Unseen Lord God. ||20||

Translation courtesy of Sikhi To The Max.

And heres the video, enjoy: