Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Trouble at Vaisakhi Mela


What should have been a great day for families and an opportunity for Sikhs to celebrate the birth of Khalsa, was spoilt by a stabbing in Handsworth park - Birmingham. Read HERE for full story.

There are all sorts of rumours flying about, concerning what happened and why. To be honest i'm not interested in adding further fuel to this. It's a shame that this attack took place, that too on the day Sikhs were celebrating the birth of Khalsa. It's about time Sikhs put politics aside and showed some unity. There is no dispute that cannot be resolved through dialogue, particularly as both parties are Sikh.

The incident has led to several arrests over the last couple of days. There is speculation that the mela maybe cancelled going forward, even mela's at Wolves and Coventry are under doubt as we stand. It would be a shame if due to the actions of a few, thousands will not be able to celebrate going forward.

The Handsworth Mela is notorious for attracting trouble, mainly between Sikh and Pakistani "boys". Like other melas there is plenty of anti-sikh behaviour by the Sikh youth (drinking and smoking). Maybe this incident will awaken them, and get them to sort themselves out.

The previous week there was a incident at the Smethwick mela when some Pakistani boys attacked women,old men and kids with hockey sticks, after a few of them had been involved in a scuffle with some Sikh boys earlier in the day. Again the mela is open to anyone, but surely these boys turn up every year to cause trouble, and this needs to be stopped. I'm not saying that the sikh lads involved are clear of any blame, but the fact is the Pakistani youth shouldn't really be causing trouble at such an event. Melas themselves are usually an excuse for the youth to mingle with the opposite sex, which is one of the reasons i find them a waste of time, money and resources. We need to be educating the youth on Sikhi, not encouraging the activities that go on in mela's.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Made in Punjab


Made In Punjab was started in 2007 by two friends Bhavnesh Chamdal & Manmit Jandu. These two creative minds were fed up with the poor quality of clothing available at the Vaisakhi Mela in Handsworth, Birmingham.

Bhavnesh & Manmit made it their mission to create a range of clothing that emphasised the rich background of Sikhism, and at the same time create design pieces that people would want to wear ALL the time... not just in celebration of Vaisakhi and other religous festivals.

Made In Punjab will be officially launching at the Vaisakhi Mela in Handsworth, Birmingham on Sunday 22nd April 2007. There will soon be an online store and gallery at www.madeinpunjab.biz. There are also plans to tour various mela's and festivals throughout the year.

I'm all for ideas such as this one, and respect to the guys behind this project. We should get behind them and support them.

My only concern would be the youth of today who would buy these items with "khanda's" on them and then wear them whilst drinking or smoking. Hopefully that won't happen...

All the best for this project guys.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Bradford's Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan 2007


Bradford's Sikh community organised it's annual Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan on Saturday 14th April. The Nagar Kirtan visited each of the city's 6 Gurudwarey, and it lasted for approximatley 6 hours.
The Weather was brilliant, and the turnout was decent (i reckon 3-4,000 - not bad for Bradford hey).

I'm posting a few pics, enjoy...

Below are the Panj Pyaarey at Guru Nanak Gurudwara Wakfield Road:

Flying Singh during mock Gatka Fight:

Kirtan Jatha from India:

Random pics of the sangat at the Nagar Kirtan:

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Shabad from Shaheed Udham Singh Movie Soundtrack


This is a beautiful shabad, which features on the "shaheed Udham Singh" soundtrack. Vocals are provided by Jagjit Singh, and music by U.K's Sukhshinder Shinda.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Dharmic Releases for Vasakhi


This Vasakhi sees the release of three Dharmic CD's produced by some of the biggest names in the Bhangra music industry.

Lets get the ball rolling with the latest installment from Immortal Productions - Panj. Featuring the likes of Tigerstyle, XS-Bass, Des-c, Shveta and many more, this will be every bit as good as the previous releases by Immortal Productions. For more information and to listen to samples click here, i'm really feeling the "Satnam" sample. As usual the CD will be released on vasakhi day and can be purchased on line from BOSS, aswell as at Nagar Kirtans in the UK.

The next release is now available, and is brought to you by RDB and Three records. This includes artists such as RDB, Sahara, Manak-e, NS Chauhan, Sangra Vibes, and many more. For more details click here

The last release is called "Khalsa Revolution vol 2". I'll be honest and i have not heard of this previously. Samples are available here for you guys to check out.

So it should be a fairly busy period in terms of Dharmic releases, and i will try and get some reviews up for folks to read.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Jis Ke Sir oopar tu swami


This shabad was recited at the Gurudwara today, at the time i remember thinking about the version sung by the late Mohammed Rafi ji. I've found an mp3 version of Rafi Sahib and would like to share it with you guys, as i think its awesome.