Saturday, 24 February 2007

Saint Soldiers Website coming soon....

A new Sikh site, which looks quite good.

I found this advert in my edition of Sikh Digest.

The advert in the back of the Sikh Digest is mindblowing, it shows a warrior and the caption "1= 125,000". Then there is Gurmukhi text, which is translated as follows:

"The Khalsa goes into battle and never runs away from it. With firm belief he fulfills his warrior faith. He is never without weapons. He is a Khalsa or real Rehat. He never gives up his Rehat and the sangat of Khalsa. In battle he fights head on andnever runs away from it. Khalsa refrains from eating meat, smoking tobbaco and hemp (bhang). Smoking cannabis, using hubble bubble, taking any form of drugs. He who never even looks in the direction of the above is indeed a great Sikh who lives by Guru's Rehat. The true Gursikh when he speaks, he speaks Vaheguru, He contemplates on Vaheguru all the time. When he sees a Sikh approaching he repeats VAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA,VAHEGURU JI KI FATEH."

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jis army. 1 Bhram Giani or Akali (Immortal) really equalled 125 000 soldiers. Why do you think the enemy soldiers would send millions of soldiers against the sikhs? Did you know that those Akalis fought the two greatest battles in human history and won both. 40 vs 1 million. 15 000 vs 300 000. Pretty amazing stuff. The size of the Akalis was unbelivable. They even beat the mad elephants. 1 on 1 they beat the elephants.