Friday, 23 February 2007

Eklavya - Something different

Last week saw the release of one of the most awaited bollywood movies of this year - "Eklavya - The Royal Guard". The critics gave it the thumbs up, and the verdict overseas was also very encouraging. However the masses in India are not taking a liking to it. Maybe the fact that it was about only 2 hours long and only had one song may have played a part in that. It seems that whenever a director tries something different, the desi audience in India just are not willing to accept it. Perhaps they've got used to the mediocre, run-of-the mill trash that is produced, and are not used to top quality production - which would not look out of place in Hollywood. I sometimes wonder why a director in Bollywood even bothers to stray from the magic done to death formula of "girl meets boy, they fall inlove, sing 10 songs, the family objects due to status difference, but it's all a happy ending".

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