Friday, 23 February 2007

Is Sikhi in the Panjab flourishing?

Every time i go back to Panjab, i am saddened to see how many youth are abandoning their kesh. Out of all the places in the world, i'd expect the land where our beloved Gurus walked, to be blessed with sikhs who could at least keep their hair.

Obviously there are alot of dedicated Gursikhs there. However it is very difficult to see non amritdhari sikhs with turbans there. I think the recent Harbhajan Mann movie "Dil Apna Panjabi" hit the nail on the head, when they said that you can hardly see anyone in the village wearing a turban. I reckon in my village only 10% have grown their kesh.

After the events of 84 alot of sikhs in the west were drawn back to the religion, and started to wear the articles of their faith. I'm not too sure wether it had a similar effect in Panjab. But my point would be, would it take another event of similar magnitude as 84 for us sikhs to go back to sikhi, and why? I sometimes feel that the Sikhs in the west are more dedicated than those that reside in Panjab. The Panjab based Sikhs only seem to think of one thing - "When can i go abroad to valait".


Sony said...

You have made an interesting point there. However I do feel that as Sikhs born in Panjab, people have an advantage because the religion is a way of life for them and they see it all around them.

Even the most non religious people in Panjab will be able to recite some Gurbani because they hear it all around them (Usually at 4am in the morning from a nearby Gurdwara ;-)

They have a different outlook on religion than people in the west. They go to 'Hindu Monuments' in the fields and bow their heads. they go to Muslim Holy places and bow their heads.

To Sikh's in the west this is Idol worship / Superstition and doesn't make sense because we are taught that we should only bow our heads in front of our Guru.

I agree that it is sad to see so few youngster with hair when you go back. Panjab is moving forward so fast that everybody is trying to become 'Modern'. However they shouldn't forget that they are part of one of the most modern and forward thinking religions in the world.

I don't know if Sikhi is flourishing or not, maybe next time we need to get out of the village and see if we can find out if it is flourishing or not. Rather than going to the new amusement park or fast food outlet.

Mr. Singh said...

My Point is that they have the advantage of being born there. What more inspiration could one need, they could visit Sri Harmandir Sahib every week if they wish. Whereas us westerners don't have this advantage, and yet i see the youth over here more in touch with their roots.

I kid you not, i saw more turbaned lads behind the couter at McDonalds in Ludhiana than in my village.