Saturday, 5 January 2008

Make Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji your Guru

A dairy farmer’s daughter sold milk every morning. People queued for hours paid their money and got their milk. If anyone jumped into the queue she refused to serve them and told them go to the back of the queue. One day a Saint was waiting in the queue. He’d been waiting for 3 hours. Meanwhile a young man came and went right to the front of the queue.

Before, she could tell him to go to the back he told her “Keep your mouth shut. It’s not good to talk too much. Now give me some milk.”

She said, “Maharaj that’s no problem,” and poured the milk into his container. He didn’t even pay her and went on his way.

When the saint got to the front of the queue she said, “O holy man get your milk.”

He said, “O daughter I don’t want any milk, I want you to answer my questions. Don’t you have a rule that everyone queues?”

She said, “Yes.”

He said, “When that young man came he didn’t queue, he talked to you roughly, he didn’t pay you any money and he still took the milk. While I’ve been queuing here for 3 hours. Why is that?”

She said, “O holy man, he was my friend! Friends don’t have to obey rules, friends don’t have to queue, friends don’t have to pay, friends help each other out of friendship!”

The saint said, “O daughter, what a lesson I’ve learnt from you. All my life I’ve been passing the rosary beads through my fingers chanting God’s Name, but never, never have I made God my friend. If I had I’d be suffering no hardship.”

We haven’t made Guru Granth Sahib jee into our Guru. Yet, year after year Guru jee tells us don’t drink alcohol, but we say we will drink. Guru jee tells us don’t cut your hair, but we cut it. Guru jee says get up at amrit vela, but we say we won’t. Then we still expect Guru to help us.

(story taken from 16 days with Baba Maan Singh Jee)

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