Friday, 20 April 2007

Made in Punjab

Made In Punjab was started in 2007 by two friends Bhavnesh Chamdal & Manmit Jandu. These two creative minds were fed up with the poor quality of clothing available at the Vaisakhi Mela in Handsworth, Birmingham.

Bhavnesh & Manmit made it their mission to create a range of clothing that emphasised the rich background of Sikhism, and at the same time create design pieces that people would want to wear ALL the time... not just in celebration of Vaisakhi and other religous festivals.

Made In Punjab will be officially launching at the Vaisakhi Mela in Handsworth, Birmingham on Sunday 22nd April 2007. There will soon be an online store and gallery at There are also plans to tour various mela's and festivals throughout the year.

I'm all for ideas such as this one, and respect to the guys behind this project. We should get behind them and support them.

My only concern would be the youth of today who would buy these items with "khanda's" on them and then wear them whilst drinking or smoking. Hopefully that won't happen...

All the best for this project guys.

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