Saturday, 7 April 2007

Dharmic Releases for Vasakhi

This Vasakhi sees the release of three Dharmic CD's produced by some of the biggest names in the Bhangra music industry.

Lets get the ball rolling with the latest installment from Immortal Productions - Panj. Featuring the likes of Tigerstyle, XS-Bass, Des-c, Shveta and many more, this will be every bit as good as the previous releases by Immortal Productions. For more information and to listen to samples click here, i'm really feeling the "Satnam" sample. As usual the CD will be released on vasakhi day and can be purchased on line from BOSS, aswell as at Nagar Kirtans in the UK.

The next release is now available, and is brought to you by RDB and Three records. This includes artists such as RDB, Sahara, Manak-e, NS Chauhan, Sangra Vibes, and many more. For more details click here

The last release is called "Khalsa Revolution vol 2". I'll be honest and i have not heard of this previously. Samples are available here for you guys to check out.

So it should be a fairly busy period in terms of Dharmic releases, and i will try and get some reviews up for folks to read.


Mr. Singh said...

Ok folks quick update prior to vaisakhi on the "panj" album. Tigerstyle have put up the "Son of a Sardar" track on their myspace, click HERE.
Another track - "State of the union" is on the G.N.E myspace page, click
HERE, Check them out. Respect to all those involved in these projects.

Mr. Singh said...

I've also found the "Singh Soormey" track by XS-BASS, click HERE, to listen to the full track.