Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Salute the Martyrs

During the past week in the Sikh calendar we have observed the dates of the martyrdoms of the 4 sahibzaade. Below is a humble attempt to pay homage to all the shaheeds of the sikh faith:

The king of martyrs Guru Arjan Dev Ji sat on a hot iron plate.
but he remained in bliss whilst reciting naam. He embraced martyrdom as one embraces a soul mate.

Bhai Dyal Das was boiled in a cauldron, Bhai Sati Das was hacked to pieces, Bhai Mati Das was sawn in two.
But look at these Gur Sikhs, even when embracing martyrdom they never turned their back on their Guru.

The seed of sikhi was further watered with the blood of Guru Tegh Bahadur.
he sacrificed himself for another faith, and today is known world wide as "hind di chaddar".

The sahibzaadey's were martyred in Sirhind and Chamkaur.
they didnt hesitate to lay down their lives, all four.

Banda singh bahadur made the whole of punjab quake.
He tore down Sirhind brick by brick, lets make no mistake.

he was eventually captured with hundereds of sikhs and taken to delhi to meet a gruesome fate.
All were executed but not for a moment from their faith did they deviate.

Baaj Singh was a brave sikh, stories of his bravery spread far and wide. We should be inspired by this brother.
When the enemy unchained him, he broke upon them like a hungry lion, even the emperor furukhsiyaar ran for cover.

Ahmed Shah abdali attacked Shir Harmandir Sahib, someone had to take a stand.
Baba Deep Singh Ji repelled the invaders, fighting with his head in the palm of his hand.

Bhai Mani singh was another true sikh of the guru.
he was chopped limb by limb but remained true to his guru through and through.

zakriya khan was boasting that he had wiped all Sikhs out.
bhota singh and garja singh proved they were alive and kicking without a shadow of a doubt.

massa ranghar desecrated shri harmandir sahib ji, "i'll teach these sikhs a lesson" he said.
bhai mehtab singh and bhai sukha singh stepped up and chopped off the tyrants head.

The sikhs went through more than one holocaust.
but never once was their faith in the creator lost.

Lets never forget the brave sikh women who were tortured by Mir Mannu and his men in the lahore Jail.
Their children were butchered before their eyes, and yet they remained imbued in naam and did not wail.

So what was their inspiration, what was their source?
i'll tell you, AMRIT, NAAM, and BAANI of course.