Thursday, 25 June 2009

Acapella Jatha

Acapella Jatha attended the local Gurdwara, and in their unique style of kirtan kept the sangat mesmerised for the duration. It was so refreshing to see the sangat sit quietly and listen to kirtan.

They were even asked to do an encore of one of the shabads. Amazing stuff.

Apologies for the not so great quality of the recording, we are still testing the recording equipment.

Below is the recording of the kirtan program

One of the Shabads by Bhagat Ravidas which was recited by the Jatha in the recording above is as below:

DnwsrI Bgq rivdws jI kI

dhhanaasaree bhagath ravidhaas jee kee

Dhanaasaree, Devotee Ravi Daas Jee:

<> siqgur pRswid ]

ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

hm sir dInu dieAwlu n qum sir Ab pqIAwru ikAw kIjY ]

ham sar dheen dhaeiaal n thum sar ab patheeaar kiaa keejai

There is none as forlorn as I am, and none as Compassionate as You; what need is there to test us now?

bcnI qor mor mnu mwnY jn kau pUrnu dIjY ]1]

bachanee thor mor man maanai jan ko pooran dheejai 1

May my mind surrender to Your Word; please, bless Your humble servant with this perfection. 1

hau bil bil jwau rmeIAw kwrny ]

ho bal bal jaao rameeaa kaaranae

I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice to the Lord.

kwrn kvn Abol ] rhwau ]

kaaran kavan abol rehaao

O Lord, why are You silent? Pause

bhuq jnm ibCury Qy mwDau iehu jnmu qum@wry lyKy ]

bahuth janam bishhurae thhae maadhho eihu janam thumhaarae laekhae

For so many incarnations, I have been separated from You, Lord; I dedicate this life to You.

kih rivdws Aws lig jIvau icr BieE drsnu dyKy ]2]1]

kehi ravidhaas aas lag jeevo chir bhaeiou dharasan dhaekhae 21

Says Ravi Daas: placing my hopes in You, I live; it is so long since I have gazed upon the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan. 21

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