Sunday, 30 March 2008

The responsibilities of students

Whilst at school, college or University, we will often come across a subject that we cannot grasp/understand. So to resolve this predicament we could quite simply do nothing and wait for a miracle, or we could actually find out ourselves by doing a bit of research (by books, speaking to friends etc..). We will go that extra mile to understand the subject/topic, if we feel we will benefit financially later on in life by learnig about it.

Yet in comparison, when we do not understand Guru Ji, many of us (me included) make no effort whatsoever to try and learn off our own backs what the message contains. We'll make 101 excuses, such as "i don't have the time", "i don't understand, i need it translated" etc.. we make these excuses because we have no relationship with our Guru, we view Guru Ji as a book. As Sikhs (students) we need to build a relationship with our Guru (Teacher), so that our ultimate goal of being one with God, can be achieved. Once we realise what our whole purpose of life is, then perhaps we will awaken to greatness of our Guru Ji. Then we will listen to the message contained within Guru Shabad, and realise that everything else is nothing but an illusion.....

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