Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Bhai Surjit Singh

Last week the Sikh Sangat of Bradford were blessed by the presence of a chardi kala gursikh in Bhai Surjit Singh (from India). Sikhi stresses the importance of keeping company with Gursikhs/saintly people, and in my opinion Bhai Surjit Singh was that. He joined the Sangat for Amrit Vela, and then in the evening he carried out veechar. It was really enlightening to hear his discourses. Hopefully the Sangat sat up and took note of what was being said. Bhai Surjit Singh is very knowledgable and is very passionate about Sikhi, and yet still so humble, which is great to see. Bhai Surjit Singh is a regular guest speaker at the annual Khalsa Camp, so there will be other opportunities to see him again.

Bhai Surjit Singhs speeches ranged from 'How should a GurSikh come to the Gurudwara', to discussing the current state of Sikhi both in the western world and back in India. He strongly urged every Sikh to become a prachaarak (preacher), and for everyone to take naam. Bhai Sahib made one statement which will probably stick with me forever:

"If Guru Gobind Singh Ji had to take amrit to become Gobind Singh from Gobind Rai, then how can we just call ourselves Singh or Kaur without amrit? How will we answer the Guru when he asks where we got the name Singh from?"

As one can imagine at this point most us in the sangat bowed our heads in shame.

He also warned of following the naqli sants who drive around in chauffered cars (on the money donated by sangat) etc.. And instead make a direct relationship with Waheguru through Bani.

It often dawns upon me when i listen to such gursikhs, how unfortunate some of us are who still don't have the courage or conviction to take naam. What is holding us back i wonder? is it simply ego, or fear?


Conqueror of the world said...

I think for most Sikhs it fear. Fear of what will others think, what will work thing (society in general) Even our own people in the Gurudwara, they see a Sikh growing his beard and they are amased, its like we are not uspposed to, they will come up to you and say how come you have started growing your beard? "Well, you know I'm going through a rough patch!" lol. Its also fear of being able to be a good Gursikh and living upto Guru jis standards, but I think after amrit is when the journey begins and that is the real first step. All you can do is try your best and leave the rest upto Maharaaj.

Anonymous said...

Will these lectures/speeches be availble to download?

Mr. Singh said...

drop me your e mail add and i will try and send over links for downlaods, we are in the process of uploading more bhai surjit singh lectures on http://www.gurunanakgurdwara.org/
so please check on there for more lectures

my email addy is nandeep.singh@gmail.com